Giveaway: Cat Cards From Tranquil Space Designs


Check out this blog and win some of our Mojo cards! Crazy cat people of the world unite!

Originally posted on Cats & Co:

I think every cat person should own a set of these amazing Mojo cards! These cute cards are made by Tranquil Space Designs. The Mojo cards are cards that have movie (-covers) with cats on them. Think about Mogs in Black, the Three Muscateers and the Great Catsby.

Tranquil Space Design and I thought it would be a great idea to do a giveaway for all you awesome readers. So, do you like movies ánd cats? Then this is the right giveaway for you!

What Can You Win?

We are giving away two sets of cards (each set has 12 cards).

Cult Kitties
As the title says, these furry cards are a bit more… Culty.

Cult Kitties
Kitty Classics
The classics are more literature or from old movies.

Kitty Classics 12Two sets of cards? Means we’re going to have 2 winners!

What Do You Have To Do?

It’s pretty simple!

All you have…

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Day 85: Eee-uwwwwww!

Dear Diary,

The last mission was thankfully brief, but boy do they bring out the crazy pye-wacket dreams.

I had this dream I was at a blood tasting event with Savid. It was all very civilised – fancy clothes (I had this amazing red dress on, covered in crystal things) and sommeliers circulating. Only I guess they were sanguiniers, not sommeliers.

We had to taste all these different types of blood and try and guess what type of people they came from. It was pretty vile. I remember that the caucasian female tasted really metallic and Savid whispered to me, It’s in the liver.

Then Eric came in, wearing that tatty old feather boa he loves so much, doing his one man conga.

Fortunately, Kitty jumped on me just at that stage, because, trust me, I would have woken up screaming if I’d had to witness the grand finale to Eric’s conga again.

BTW, my pendant has started….throbbing?

Night night, Diary.

Must look online for one of those dream catcher things.


The Proxy Returns

The door opens. 

Hey, Kitty. Me again. These missions are coming thick and fast now, aren’t they?  Well, not to worry, I’ve brought dinner.

Sooooo, Wifi link? Check. Password? xxxxxxxx….incorrect. Hmmm. xxxxxxxx…..incorrect. Oooh, I know! xxxxxxx……access.granted.

The typing begins.

The Adventures of Eric and Young Kyle

One day Eric died. A grief-stricken Kyle began to make arrangements for a fitting farewell. However, by the time he had amassed enough beans to make a hill large enough to seat all the guests, Eric was back to his old self. A relieved Kyle began preparing toast.

Kyle had realised many years previously that shouldn’t was not a word that Eric understood. So when Eric seized upon the undulater (of which he had no need) and proceeded to have it caged for transportation, Kyle was not in the least surprised. Watching him conduct his collection of undulaters with an invisible baton, Kyle wondered if he too should expunge shouldn’t from his life.


Day 84:

Dear Diary,

If you knew where you’d be before you got there, would you go anyway?

Assuming of course, that you’re not one of these plan-it-all-out types.

Yeah, I guess I’d still be here. But I read the plot before I watch a film. And am generally still surprised by the ending.

Sleepy time, Diary.